Total Drama: Re-Action
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Country of origin Canada
Genre Animation
Reality television
Television channel(s) Cartoon Network, Teletoon
Teletoon premiere TBA
Cartoon Network premiere June 29, 2019
Created by Chris Wiltrout
Developed by Tom McGillis
Directed by Chris Wiltrout
Preceded by Total Drama: Pahkitew Revenge
Succeeded by Total Drama: Stars

TDRA is the second installment in the remake series.

Hosts Edit

  • Chris: returns as the main host
  • Chef Hatchet: returns as secondary host
  • Geoff: returns as aftermath host
  • Bridgette: returns as aftermath hostess

Contestants Edit

Team Creed Edit

  • Blaineley
  • Lindsay
  • Samey
  • Amy
  • Topher
  • Tyler
  • Justin
  • Beardo
  • Ezekiel
  • Staci

Team Honor Edit

  • Courtney
  • Heather
  • Gwen
  • Scott
  • Alejandro
  • Cameron
  • Duncan
  • Jo
  • Sugar
  • Ella

Other Edit

  • Izzy: returns for a cameo
  • Owen: returns for a cameo
  • Ella: returns as a cameo
  • Beardo: returns for cameo
  • Dawn: returns for cameo
  • Ezekiel: returns for a cameo
  • Dave: returns for a cameo
  • Sky: returns for a cameo
  • Noah: returns for a cameo
  • Eva: returns for a cameo
  • Bruno: still chasing Blaineley through the game.

Eliminations Edit

20th: Staci (Low: Ezekiel)

19th: Sugar (Low: Jo)

18th: Jo (Low: Ella)

17th: Ezekiel (Low: Justin)

16th: Beardo (Low: Tyler)

15th: Justin (Low: Lindsay)

Episodes Edit

1. Lights, Camera, Action!

2. Monster Stars

3. Million Dollar Fails

4. No Money? Mo Problem!

5. Star Crosses Lover-ed

6. Super Freak

7. The Aftermath 1: Hosted by Geoff and Bridgette: Truth Or Square?

8. Pain and Gain

9. Presidential Reign

10. Summer Snow

11. The Aftermath 2: Hosted by Geoff and Bridgette: Not So Blainerific

12. Walk The Road

13. All Of My Doubt

14. Colors Of The Wind

15. I Love You So

16. The Way

17. I'm So Fancy

18. In The FAST Lane

19. Street Lights

20. Lifts And Flips

21. PSSP!

22. Challenged To Safety

23. Juggle The Heart

24. Hat-a-tude

25. The Aftermath 3: Hosted by Geoff and Bridgette: Grilled To A Crisp.

26. Water Tears And Paints

Team Switches Edit

Trivia Edit