Topher is a camper from Total Drama Pahkitew Island.


  • Normal Wear

Topher wears a red shirt with a yellow stripe in the middle. He is portrayed as handsome and muscular. He has black shoes on, which he says are size 16.

  • Bathing Suit

Topher wears a pair of small blue shorts, no shirt, revealing his abs, and no shoes, revealing his size 16 feet. He usually wears this regularly to attract women. He appeared on the island wearing his bathing suit.

  • Sleep Wear

Topher wears no shirt or shoes, and small black shorts. He wears this to intimidate the other males into giving up.


He is Chris' biggest fan, because of his evil and narcissistic nature. He likes wearing his bathing suit more than his normal clothes, to make the women fall in love with him. He is proud that his feet are so big, and he likes flexing his muscles to attract women. He is shown as an antagonist. He is shown to have a crush on previous contestant Lindsay. He is as obsessive of Chris like Sierra is Cody.


  • Scarlett
  • Sky
  • Sugar
  • Ezekiel
  • Lindsay
  • Samey
  • Amy
  • Chris
  • Jasmine


  • Chef
  • Max
  • Dave


  • He is the fifth narcissistic character, and third camper overall. Following Chris, Chef, Justin, and Alejandro.
  • He has a crush on Lindsay and Chris, earning him the hatred of Chef and Tyler.
  • His original name was Smith, but was changed. The other two constants sharing this are Scarlett and Dave.
  • He is the male version of Sierra. He obsesses over Chris, much like Sierra and Cody.